Drop in the Ocean

You are the drop in the ocean.

And you are the entire ocean in a drop.

The essence is the same.

This analogy is inspired from a quote of the great mystic Rumi. Here Rumi discusses the non-duality of everything that exists. In other words, fundamentally everything in the universe functions from the same conscious energy.
The drop stands for the individual mind. The ocean symbolizes the reality, the nameless formless conscious existence that is one and the same in all forms. When we perceive ourselves as a seperate entity, we experience ourselves as the drop. But through meditation, self-inquiry or any number of experiences in which one’s identity (ego) collapses, we are left with the overwhelming sense that there is one consciousness to all that exists (the ocean). The individual becomes conscious of her/himself as the reality. And also the reality becomes conscious of itself through the individual.

This is a realization that can only come from direct experience. Without tasting it, one cannot grasp how it tastes like. One has to forget about understanding it and forget about trying to make all things one. The root of all existence is already a harmonious consciousness. One just has to realize this.
First we need to be interested and have a yearning to recognize our true and mysterious Self. It is the spiritual instinct that moves us in this direction. It can not be taught but it is revealed through the intuitive openness to all experience. In spirituality this is fundamental. If this is vibrant enough through the spiritual instinct moving in you, then you will be interested in this most profound teaching.

My heart has always been the primary guide. The Guru is within, to guide me to look through the eyes of the reality and let the reality become conscious through me. I am in a dance inbetween the relative (the drop) and the absolute (the ocean) that are in fact one and the same. This is an endless learning. And I am a dedicated student, a devoted wanderer on this path.
My story is a journey of dissolving into the boundless ocean as a drop. If this resonates with you, you are more than welcome into my story in these pages.

The Author