I warmly invite you to some grounds in which we can come together and collaborate. By this way, more possibilities can open up to serve life in the fields that I care, love and find meaning, therefore became experienced. Our collaborations can also function as the ways for me to create an income for the sustainability of my life and my travels.

Travel Writing

This is an open announcement to web sites, magazines and social media platforms on traveling, exploration, nature, conservation, culture, spirituality and meditation. Traveling is one of the highest source of inspiration in my life. In my travels I had been naturally drawn to travel writing which I realized was innate, inseparable from me like breathing. It is like a pure need that I relate with love. Through my observations, experiences and insights I have enthusiasm to bring readers the diversity and magnificence of life in a deep and sincere way.
So I am open and excited to travel to most parts in the world and write articles or interviews around the topics above. If you believe this would be a fruitful collaboration, I would love to hear from you.


Meditation Gatherings

In my travels I had the chance to learn and explore different traditions and perspectives on meditation which I have greatly benefited from. Having meditation as the main practice in my life opened me to the immense inner peace and enabled me to engage consciousness in the discovery of Being. After extended explorations, my practice became simplified and refined. Reaching to a more mature knowledge, I started to offer introduction courses, meetings and guided sessions on meditation to groups or to individuals.

I take these offerings quite seriously as I know how significant it is to have genuine and clean instructions on our learning, most particularly in these times when there is plenty of misleading or shallow guidances. You can check this essay; “Brief Story of My Path So Far” to have some idea about my spiritual path up until now and to see closer what I am referring to when I say meditation.

Each offering let me see once more that how we as humanity need the practice of meditation. I am so pleased to hear the feedbacks of the participants who have meditation and its benefits in their life now. This is for me one of the most meaningful fulfillments in my life; inviting people to that space where they can discover their true nature and experience themselves as part of something greater.

So this is an invitation for individuals or groups of people -whether beginners or experienced practitioners- who are willing to learn or go deep in the practice of meditation. Regardless of the location, we can organise short or long term courses, meetings, retreats or personal work either face to face or online (in English or in Turkish). I am offering this service only on donation base. All you need to do is just to invite me!


Donations & Support

Through my writings I believe you already had an idea about the way I live. Bringing you stories from different parts of the world is magical but at the same time requires a challenging set up to maintain a steady financial resource. I would like to underline that in my case this way of living is not merely about having fun and consume without creating. But rather it is a way of living and growing in a conscious life that drags me into its magnetic pull for everlasting learning. It is a path that brings forth whatever I can serve in the most meaningful way for the benefit of all beings. It is like breathing in, taking in whatever is offered to me from life, then breathing out, giving back whatever is flowing through from me to life.
So in order to sustain this flow I am open for your support. If my path resonates with you, you are more than welcome to assist me in whatever way you like. It can be in the form of money or it can be some types of gears that you want to dispose of that could be helpful in a traveler’s life on road (like camping equipments, electronical or technical devices).
Fullheartedly I will be holding responsibility to give your gift back to life in the most beneficial way. Thank you!