My 40th Birthday

South Turkey

May 2019

Life is beautiful.

Today is my 40th continuation day in this life. In this life that is just a dream that will be over in a blink of an eye. And there is much more than that. The entire history of existence arise as this one single moment. It took all of that for you and I to be here.
Beginning with the simple reorientation of attention, intuitively sense into the backdrop of all experience. Silent and quite background that is innate in every moment of being.
It seems like nothing. And yet which seems like nothing can show itself to be something quite extraordinary. A sense of presence, aliveness, unity, I am-ness. This mystery is even much deeper than all these. It illumines the moment like the sun illumines the day. You give yourself to the moment and all of time and space gives itself to you.
Enter that doorway into what we might call the sacred. There you remember who you are. That you are before all questions and answers.
May we all meet there and merge into one and the same that is the diversity without distinction.

That is love.

The Author