Essence of Traveling

In general traveling makes many people dream of perfect images of a holiday with pleasurable experiences, delightful treats, comforting leisures. It is broadly romanticised and regarded as a heavenly escape from existing life that would inevitably bring happiness. But strictly speaking, it is beyond this common idea. Just as significant as that, if time or money is seen as an obstacle, one need to learn this important thing about traveling: it’s not only possible for the privileged. It’s a choice!
We need to reflect on our intentions of traveling which can be an immense field for us to learn new things about ourselves and life. Traveling offers a broad range of experiences that we haven’t ever imagined before. Then traveling is no longer just about satisfaction but we are acquainted with endless possibilities that it can bring about deeper meanings into our lives.

If spirituality is one of the major motivations, traveling can be an ideal setting within which you seek and mostly find what you are longing to meet. Here spirituality represents the openness to the unknown experiences with courage and willingness. Whatever traveling brings, whether pleasant or unpleasant, we know that it is a learning ground of the subtleties and miracles of life and existence.
So this way travel becomes a spiritual quest grounded in nature. Nature is powerful enough to remove the supremacy of human beings. It invites us to think about binaries like home&destination, the familiar&the unfamiliar. The concept of being home starts to change and gain new perspective. The reflective power of the nature serve as a mirror to one’s own true being. Then the so-called ‘I’ gradually fades away into the nature. As the frontier between the ‘I’ and the ‘other’ starts to dissolve, this brings about a deep sense of wholeness, of interconnectedness. We experience ourselves as part of something greater and we become more conscious of the totality of who we really are.
This is an immense relief.

Under the magical energy of nature one can confront his/her mind with clarity. In silence we see everything as it is. We join our body, mind and spirit with nature until our breath becomes part of the breathing of the nature. The sense of interconnectedness rushes into, leaving us with a deep sense of peace. This transcendantal inspiration puts us in blissful tears or laughters.
This is a blessing.

When we are open to ourselves and to everything around us, the universe communicates with us through many beings, many happenings. This can also be experienced in a limited space when we are a settler. But by the nature of traveling, the taste or the tone differs due to the variation of the grounds of experiences. Traveling diversifies, enriches these interfaces, extending the range of wonders. In some way it expands the feeling of being home, it expands the heart.

Each transit in the travel provides a great data stream of geographies, landscapes, flora, fauna, villages, towns, cities, ethnicities, culture which we witness for the first time in our lives. Sometimes in a desert, in a forest or a mountain, sometimes in the warmth of a house of someone we have just met, sometimes in the eyes of a wild animal or in the touch of a tree, the mutual flow of experience becomes a playground of exploration.

When we make the most of our experiences through our observations and interactions, this brings about an enormous excitement, aliveness and vital energy. The courage, the curiosity and the admiration we have for exploring the world enriches our spirit greatly. Through our engagement with our surroundings and with our inner source and instincts we become totally mesmerised, purified and almost reborned. And at the end travel does not only shape us or open us to the interconnected reality but also accordingly it contributes for the benefit of the world through us.
And with each conscious breath, traveling always stays alive, ongoing, continuous.

The Author